Michael J. Lauria


About Michael J. Lauria

Telecommunications expert Michael J. Lauria is the Owner and Operator of Boston-based COMTEL, Inc. Founded and incorporated in 1999, the company offers telecommunications contracting services and specializes in structured cabling, including voice, data, and fiber optics, as well as VolP telephone services. COMTEL works with a number of high-profile businesses and municipalities within the region, and is known for its dependability and affordable solutions. 

Michael was first introduced to telecommunications through an apprenticeship. From the get-go, he enjoyed the fast-paced environment of the industry and how much he was able to help people, given the confusion surrounding the field. Even at his start, Michael J. Lauria understood that telecommunications—connecting with others instantaneously—was going to be a big part of the future. As the years went by, his prediction came to light, and suddenly businesses were incredibly reliant on the telecommunications industry. They needed reliable and dependable service that would allow them to grow. 

When Michael founded COMTEL, Inc. in 1999, he put his whole self into the business. To this day, he remains the driving force behind the business, continuously working in sales and gaining new clients. Michael thrives on pressure and the ability to give people the solutions they need. He has made a name for himself in the industry by being a trustworthy provider and source of information for his clients. 

In addition to COMTEL, Michael J. Lauria is a licensed Real Estate Agent. During his apprenticeship, many colleagues pushed him towards real estate due to the potential to earn a passive income. He was able to get into the industry and, with hard work, earned great money. Through the income he earned as a landlord and investor, he was able to start his telecommunications company. 

Michael has been able to operate a successful real estate endeavor since his 2019 licensure. He recently signed with a new broker and is looking forward to using his free time to help people find their dream home. Michael also enjoys buying properties to renovate and flip, and is considering getting back into the investment side of the industry within the next few years. 

In every aspect of his life, Michael J. Lauria believes in approaching situations and individuals with respect and integrity. Finding inspiration in God, helping others with a genuine effort to fulfill their needs has never let him down. To learn more about Michael and his insight into the telecommunications industry, please see his blog.